Transfer your Hong Kong company to us for free! Limited time offer

Thinking about changing of company secretary for your existing Hong Kong company? Take advantage of Sinovantage unique ofer and move your company secretary and registered address to us this month for free! The company secretary and registered address charges are waived until the date of your next annual return. From that time, you can do the annual return and maintain your company secretary and registered address with us at our normal package price of HKD2,500/year.

This offer is valid only for companies registered with third party agents/accountants/law firms and not Sinovantage or its affiliated companies. Also are covered only companies with their renewal date/anniversary date between now and June 30th, 2014. Companies due for renewal in the second half the year can be transferred to us at a nominal HKD500 charge.

To take advantage of this offer, simply contact our Hong Kong office or email to info @

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