Sinovantage cloud accounting solutions in Hong Kong

We are happy to announce the addition of cloud accounting solutions to the list of our services. More details as below.

1) QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a world leading accounting software for small and medium size enterprises. With the launch of QuickBooks Online in 2011, it has become even more easier to use while removing the restriction to use from a specific location.

With QuickBooks, SMEs can handle their company accounting needs easier. It also has strong invoicing capabilities, allowing small businesses to invoice their clients more professionally.
Most companies will have a staff in charge of inputing transactions in QuickBooks along the way. Sinovantage will provide initial training, reviewing transactions on a weekly or monthly basis to ensure there are no errors, and schedule reports to management as well as financial advisory.

QuickBooks is especially suitable for Hong Kong companies and will make it easier the audit process with limited adjustments.

Sinovantage has Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors on staff. To learn more about Sinovantage QuickBooks services, please click here.

2) FreshBooks

FreshBooks is more of a invoicing solution than a fully fledged accounting software. It allows businesses to issue invoices, record expenses, bill hourly or projects, or prepare estimates. Reports can be exported later to an accounting software such as QuickBooks.

In Canada, where the company originated from, and the United States, its main market, FreshBooks is used by millions of small businesses of any industry.

Sinovantage is one of the first companies to have FreshBooks certified Accounts on staff in Hong Kong and China. To learn more about our services, please click here.

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