Did you invest in China?

Chinese official says that a large amount of the global top companies have invested in China Since the mid-1990s, and more and more overseas companies have been making their way into Chinese market. The investment covers almost all fields like the manufacturing, service, and rural infrastructure construction sectors, ect. And meanwhile Chinese investment environment has been improving in a large scale which has attracted more and more foreign investors.

Even though the high-tech and trade service industries were most favored by foreign investors, projects funded by foreign companies involve oil, chemical, electronic, machinery, computer, telecommunication equipment, ect. Nearly 90 percent of the projects funded are located in coastal areas and cities such as Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Beijing and Shandong, ect.

 For some new companies, they usually set up representative offices to do some market research and test the market before they commit themselves to invest in China. By using both the markets and resources from their own homes and China, these companies have remarkably improved their international competitiveness.

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