Advantages of Delaware Incorporation

More than 308,000 companies have been registered in Delaware including 60% of  Fortune 500 companies and 50% of the corporations which were listed on the NYSE. Read below you will understand the reasons why Delaware is recognized as the best choice for a US company formation.

The incorporation and maintenance costs are lower than other jurisdictions in the world. Compared to other jurisdictions, Delaware company formation needs an easy procedure, the incorporation process often takes a very short time and anyone no matter what country he or she comes from could form a company in Delaware and no need to come to visit there in person.

What’s more, as long as it doesn’t conduct any business, a Delaware company is not subject to income tax and also the State of Delaware will not impose sales taxes.

A Delaware company formation helps to protect assets and the Delaware LLC could enjoy a high level of privacy, the company officer’s private information will not be disclosed on the public record. Both Delaware LLC and Delaware Corporation are required to file an Annual Report (corporation) or pay an annual franchise tax (LLC) to remain in good standing but the electronic filing systems are available to reduce the administrative burden.

With flexible business entity statutes, well-developed case law, Delaware offers an unparalleled environment in which to organize business entities.

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