Saint Vincent & Grenadines IBC formation in China

We have now added Saint Vincent & Grenadines as one of the jurisdictions to choose from for our clients looking to set up an offshore company/IBC. We have signed a strategic partnership with one of the leading Saint Vincent financial service firm, through which we will be able to offer to our clients in China and abroad Saint Vincent offshore companies, trusts, bank accounts and more.

Nominee shareholders and directors are available for Saint Vincent & Grenadines companies, subject to an indemnity agreement, contract, and declaration of trust between the nominee and the client.

The base price for the Saint Vincent and Grenadines IBC formation is USD750, with annual maintenance charges at USD550, which makes it one of the cheapest available offshore jurisdictions. The total set up time is about 10 days (from order confirmation to the receipt of the company kit by client)

We also have a full package which include the Saint Vincent and Grenadines company formation, a nominee director, a nominee shareholder, and the opening of a corporate bank account, for a total of  USD2,150.

For more details, please visit our Saint Vincent and Grenadines incorporation page. You can also review the complete fee table and our special packages here.

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