Paypal, Credit Cards & Alipay now accepted at Sinovantage

Beginning this month, Sinovantage will be adding three new payment options for clients purchasing our services.

The first one is Paypal. This has been often asked by our European and North American small business clients and we are pleased to offer this option immediately. There is however a 3.5% charge due to higher Paypal fees. For using Paypal when setting up a company, the Paypal account must be owned by the applicant, or a company officer (sharehoder or director).

The credit card payment option is being implemented and will be available later this month. There is a 4% surcharge when paying through credit cards (Visa, MasterCard). The same rules as for Paypal apply.

Finally, Alipay is a payment option which we offer for our Chinese clients. There is no additional fee. Clients will be provided with our Alipay account and can make payments directly to that account in RMB, from their own Alipay account balance or using a Chinese bank card.

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