China Staffing Solutions

Sinovantage provides temporary (minimum 3 months) and permanent staffing services to companies both local and international. Through the use our staffing services, our clients are able to effectively outsource their payroll management, tax and HR compliance in China to us while getting a full time staff to work on their behalf in China.

Employees hired through our staffing services can work at client office or from Sinovantage offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen or Hong Kong.

Our China staffing solutions are particularly recommended for:

  • Companies not incorporated in China who need to hire someone on the ground to work in a sales, marketing or technical position.
  • International SMEs who are planning to invest in China in the future, but want to test the waters first to ascertain market needs and size.
  • Foreign owned companies or factories established elsewhere in China, but who need to employ someone in Shanghai or Shenzhen for specific purposes

A staffing project will usually follow the following steps:

  • Signature of contract and payment of retainer fee
  • Sinovantage conduct an extensive search and provides a short-list of candidates
  • Client will select the appropriate staff (after or without conducting an interview)
  • The candidate signs the working contract with Sinovantage and can effectively begin to work

Some clients do their own hiring and Sinovantage only comes in to sign the employment contract and serves as employer on record

Here are the most popular staffing positions contracted through Sinovantage:

  • Receptionist
  • Sales manager
  • Marketing manager
  • IT/Technical Support
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • Social media manager
  • Internet marketing specialist
  • Project manager

The main advantages of using Sinovantage for your staffing needs in China include:

  • Superior screening process
  • In-depth background check
  • Employee training (for entry level positions)
  • Ongoing advisory on employee retention and performance evaluation
  • Industry best practices for payroll, tax and hr compliance

Want to learn more about Sinovantage staffing services and how they can help your company grow its operations in mainland China? Please submit the form below and we should be in touch as soon as possible.