Cyprus is a major offshore and onshore business center, with great business facilities and thousands of offshore companies. Cyprus is the “lowest-tax EU Jurisdiction” that is not offshore. The standard corporate tax rate of 10% (0% for shipping companies, 4.25% for maritime management companies) is the lowest in the European Union, and the lowest “non-offshore jurisdiction corporate tax rate” in the world. Cyprus is now a premier holding, finance, royalty and trading company jurisdiction.

Sinovantage offers two packages for incorporating in Cyprus. The Standard Package includes everything that is required to get the company legally formed at minimal cost. The Premium packages includes, on top of the Standard Package items, a nominee shareholder, a nominee director and a bank account in Cyprus.


Service Item Price (USD)
Complete Company Kit
Government Fees
Cyprus Registered Office
Company Secretary
Incorporation Fees
Complete Company Kit
Government Fees
Cyprus Registered Office
Company Secretary
Nominee Director
Nominee Shareholder
Incorporation Fees
Bank Account in Cyprus with Internet Access
Total Duration for Incorporation: 25 Days  


  • This package includes express delivery of your company documents within China at no extra charge; for clients with addresses overseas, additional delivery fees will apply.
  • Sinovantage can assist in setting up offshore bank accounts for your Cyprus company in Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore and mainland China.

Incorporation requirements

  • One (1) shareholder or more
  • One (1) director or more
  • Director and shareholder can be a corporation
  • Local shareholder and director: not required
  • Corporate secretary: required
  • Local registered office: required
  • Annual return: required
  • Audited financial statements: required

Capital structure

  • Minimum issued and paid up capital: 1000 Euro
  • Standard authorized capital: 6000 Euro
  • The share capital must be expressed in Euros

Tax structure

  • A uniform 10% corporate tax rate is applicable to the worldwide income of all Cyprus tax-resident companies. Non-resident companies are tax exempt.

Confidentiality & Privacy

  • Nominee director/shareholder service can be used to maintain the anonymity of the beneficial owner.

Company Kit

Upon registration completion, you will receive a company kit including the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of directors and secretary
  • Certificate of shareholders
  • Certificate of registered office address
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Power of Attorney (1 year)
  • Declaration of trust and blank transfers of shares (if needed)
  • Shares certificates