Located in the Caribbean Sea, 80Km from Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands is one of the top offshore jurisdictions worldwide. It is a British territory with an autonomous government. Its legal system is based on the British Law.

The British Virgin Islands are, with Hong Kong, one of the main sources of foreign investment in China, due to the number of global companies which use it as a base for a holding company for China investment purposes.


Service Item Price (USD)
Complete Company Kit
Government Fees
Local Registered Office
Certificate of Incumbency (for bank account opening)
Service Fees
Total Cost of Incorporation (25 Days) USD1,350


  • This package includes express delivery of your company documents within China at no extra charge; for clients with addresses overseas, additional delivery fees will apply.
  • Sinovantage can assist in setting up offshore bank accounts for your BVI company in Hong Kong, Singapore or China.

Incorporation requirements(International Business Corporation-IBC)

  • One (1)director or more
  • One (1) shareholder or more
  • Director and shareholder can be the same person, and can be a corporation
  • Local shareholder & director: not required
  • Local meeting: not required
  • Corporate secretary: not required
  • Local registered office: YES
  • Annual return: not required
  • Audited financial statements: not required

Capital structure

  • Minimum paid up capital: one share
  • Standard authorized capital:USD50,000 (or equivalent in other major currencies)

Tax structure

  • A BVI International Business Corporation is exempt of tax for all income earned worldwide within their first twenty years.

Confidentiality & Privacy

  • Names of a BVI company owners are not shown on the incorporation documents, and as such are not accessible from the public record.

Company Kit

Upon registration completion, you will receive a company kit including the following:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Company by laws
  • Ten shares certificates
  • Register of directors, secretary, members
  • Fit and seal