Requirements for deregistration

  • All shareholders/members of the company agree to deregister the company
  • The company has never commenced operations, or has already ceased business for three months or more
  • The company does not plan to conduct business in the future
  • The company has no outstanding liabilities, including profit tax, property tax, stamp duty, business registration fee, outstanding fines or penalities,court fees, obligations to the inland revenue department (such as pending annual return, assessable tax etc.).
  • The company has disposed of any existing trading stock, properties or securities

Deregistration application procedure

  • Hold a board of director meeting to pass a resolution to deregister the company
  • Apply in writing to the Inland Revenue Department for a Notice of No Objection for Deregistration of a Defunct Company. It may take up to five weeks to receive this notice. The notice will only be issued in the case that the company to be de-registered does not owes money to the Hong Kong Government and does not have any outstanding tax returns
  • Apply in writing to the Companies Registry for deregistration of the company. It can take up to six months or even more after the filing of application for the Companies Registry to de-register your company

Our Hong Kong deregistration services.

  • Review corporate documents and tax filing history to ascertain deregistration requirements have been met
  • Preparation of board meeting minutes and other documents for application of deregistration
  • Apply to the Inland Revenue Department for Notice of No Objection for Deregistration of a Defunct Company
  • Application for deregistration with the Companies Registry

Deregistration costs


We offer Hong Kong deregistration services as a package for HKD4,000. This includes:

  • Fee for application of Notice of Notice of No Objection for Deregistration of a Defunct Company (paid to the Inland Revenue Department)
  • Fee for application for strike off (paid to the Companies Registry)
  • All express delivery fees (for sending documents to company shareholder/director, the IRD and the Company Registry)
  • Our service charges

Very Important.For active companies (with opened bank accounts), when applying for Notice of No Objection to a Company Being Deregistered, you may be requested to submit the Audit report, Profit tax return, Business Registration fee and/or annual return. Any such fees or other fees due to the Hong Kong government are not included in our service charges and should be paid separately.