Tianjin has historically been the gateway to Beijing and a major seaport in the northern China region. It is, of its own, a vibrant economic center which has seen a tremendous development in the manufacturing and service industries. The presence of over half of global fortune 500 corporations is a testimony of the special importance of this city.

As one of the four direct-controlled municipalities in China, Tianjin is under the direct administration of the central administration. Its proximity to Beijing (just over 100Km away) makes it an attractive investment location for companies expanding into China.

Since 2007, Sinovantage has helped over 100 small, medium and large foreign businesses start operations in Tianjin and accross the Bohai Economic Rim. Over the years, we have developped deep relationship with the local governement and have direct contacts within the major technological and industry parks. While Tianjin has become a powerhouse in the financial and advanced technologies, opportunities exist in other industries as well. Furthermore, Tianjin is a strong alternative to Beijing when investing in the northern China region.

Whether you are planning to set up a representative office, service or manufactory WFOE (wholly foreign owned enterprise), a foreign invested partnership or a sino-foreign joint ventures, Tianjin should be included in your short-list of locations to consider.

Sinovantage business registration services in Tianjin are managed through our regional headquarters in Beijing. To learn more about our Tianjin incorporation services or start the company formation process, please contact our Beijing offices:

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